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RR-HFR-rad-Ibiza-FORM_vR2021_03.pdf2,2 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
RR-HFR-rad-Ibiza-GALF_vR2021_03.pdf2,86 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
RR-HFR-Ibiza_vR2020_12.pdf4,23 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
Title: HFR-Ibiza System Reports
Other Titles: Additional report to the INSITU_GLO_UV_L2_REP_OBSERVATIONS_013_044 QUID
Authors: Rubio, Anna; Solabarrieta, Lohitzune; Corgnati, Lorenzo; Reyes, Emma; Mantovani, Carlo; Chifflet, Marina; Mader, Julien
Abstract: QA/QC Reports for HF radar REP data. - File: RR-HFR-Ibiza_vR2020_12.pdf: Totals - File: RR-HFR-rad-Ibiza-FORM_vR2021_03.pdf: Radials - File: RR-HFR-rad-Ibiza-GALF_vR2021_03.pdf: Radals
Keywords: HF radar; QA/QC; INSTAC CMEMS; surface ocean currents
Issue Date: Mar-2020
Type: Technical Report
Language: English
Appears in Publication types:Documentos de trabajo

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