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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Spent Coffee Grounds Alter Bacterial Communities in Latxa Dairy EwesGoiri, Idoia; Diaz de Otalora, Xabier; Ruiz, Roberto; Rey, Jagoba; Atxaerandio, Raquel; Luis Lavin, Jose; San Martin, David; Orive, Mikel; Inarra, Bruno; Zufia, Jaime; Urkiza, Jabi; Garcia-Rodriguez, Aser
2020Brewers' Spent Yeast and Grain Protein Hydrolysates as Second-Generation Feedstuff for Aquaculture FeedSan Martin, David; Orive, M.; Inarra, Bruno; Castelo, J.; Estevez, A.; Nazzaro, J.; Iloro, I.; Elortza, F.; Zufia, Jaime
2020valorisation of spent coffee grounds as functional feed ingredient improves productive performance of Latxa dairy ewesDiaz de Otalora, X.; Ruiz, R.; Goiri, I; Rey, J. and Atxaerandio, R.; San Martin, David; Orive, M.; Inarra, Bruno; Zufia, Jaime; Urkiza, J.; Garcia-Rodriguez, A.
2021Multi-criteria assessment of the viability of valorising vegetable by-products from the distribution as secondary raw material for animal feedSan Martin, David; Orive, Mikel; Martinez, Ekaitz; Inarra, Bruno; Ramos, Saioa; Gonzalez, Nagore; Guinea de Salas, Alejandro; Alberto Vazquez, Luis; Zufia, Jaime
2021Valorisation of Brewer's Spent Yeasts' Hydrolysates as High-Value Bioactive MoleculesSan Martin, David; Ibarruri, Jone; Inarra, Bruno; Luengo, Nagore; Ferrer, Jorge; Alvarez-Ossorio, Carmen; Bald, Carlos; Gutierrez, Monica; Zufia, Jaime
2021Spent coffee ground as second-generation feedstuff for dairy cattleSan Martin, David; Orive, M.; Inarra, Bruno; Garcia, A.; Goiri, I. and Atxaerandio, R.; Urkiza, J.; Zufia, Jaime
2022Ecodesign of new circular economy scheme for Brewer's side streamsInarra, Bruno; San Martin, David; Ramos, Saioa; Cidad, Maite; Estevez, A.; Fenollosa, R.; Martinez, J. M.; Ferdinando, A.; De Smet, A. M.; Zufia, Jaime
2021Cleaner production strategies for the food industryRamos, Saioa; Etxebarria, Susana; Cidad, Maite; Gutierrez, Monica; San Martin, David; Inarra, Bruno; Olabarrieta, Idoia; Melado-Herreros, Angela; Zufia, Jaime
2017Decision Making Supporting Tool Combining AHP Method with GIS for Implementing Food Waste Valorisation StrategiesSan Martin, David; Orive, Mikel; Martinez, E.; Inarra, Bruno; Ramos, Saioa; Gonzalez, N.; Guinea de Salas, A.; Vazquez, L.; Zufia, Jaime
2022Chapter 7 - Enzymatic processes for the production of food ingredients from food processing by-productsJauregi, Paula; Carmen Alvarez-Ossorio; Bald, Carlos; Ibarruri, Jone; Inarra, Bruno; San Martin, David; Zufia, Jaime