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Title: Evolution of quality parameters of high pressure processing (HPP) pretreated albacore (Thunnus alalunga) during long-term frozen storage
Authors: Cartagena, Lucia; Puertolas, Eduardo; Martinez de Maranon, Inigo
Abstract: The aim of this work was to study the application of high pressure processing (HPP) before freezing for maintaining as much as possible the fresh characteristics of albacore steaks after long-term storage. HPP treatments were applied at 200 MPa for 0-6 min. Then, samples were immediately frozen (- 20 degrees C) and stored (- 20 degrees C) for up to 12 months. Once thawed (4 degrees C; 24 h), weight losses, color, texture, lipid oxidation (TBARS) and salt-soluble protein content were analyzed. After 12 months of frozen storage, 200 MPa for 6 min minimized thawing loss inherent to freezing and frozen storage and decreased TBARS (53.9\%) with respect to the control. However, it resulted in changes in color (higher L{*}, b{*} and Delta E values) and texture (higher adhesiveness and springiness) and decreased the salt-soluble protein content with respect to non-pretreated samples. Nevertheless, after cooking, there were no differences in color and texture between HPP pretreated fish and the controls.
Keywords: High-pressure; Frozen storage; Fish; Lipid oxidation; Protein denaturation; MACKEREL SCOMBER-SCOMBRUS; HIGH HYDROSTATIC-PRESSURE; SENSORY PROPERTIES; SHELF-LIFE; IMPACT; TUNA; BAY
Issue Date: 2020
Type: Article
DOI: 10.1016/j.ifset.2020.102334
ISSN: 1466-8564
E-ISSN: 1878-5522
Funder: Basque GovernmentBasque Government
Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of the Basque Government
Appears in Publication types:Artículos científicos

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