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Title: Global assessment of marine plastic exposure risk for oceanic birds
Authors: Clark, Bethany L.; Carneiro, Ana P. B.; Pearmain, Elizabeth J. and Rouyer, Marie-Morgane; Clay, Thomas A.; Cowger, Win; Phillips, Richard A.; Manica, Andrea; Hazin, Carolina; Eriksen, Marcus and Gonzalez-Solis, Jacob; Adams, Josh; Albores-Barajas, Yuri V. and Alfaro-Shigueto, Joanna; Alho, Maria Saldanha; Araujo, Deusa Teixeira; Arcos, Jose Manuel; Arnould, John P. Y.; Barbosa, Nadito J. P.; Barbraud, Christophe; Beard, Annalea M.; Beck, Jessie; Bell, Elizabeth A.; Bennet, Della G.; Berlincourt, Maud and Biscoito, Manuel; Bjornstad, Oskar K.; Bolton, Mark; Booth Jones, Katherine A.; Borg, John J.; Bourgeois, Karen and Bretagnolle, Vincent; Bried, Joel; Briskie, James V.; Brooke, M. de L.; Brownlie, Katherine C.; Bugoni, Leandro; Calabrese, Licia; Campioni, Letizia; Carey, Mark J.; Carle, Ryan D. and Carlile, Nicholas; Carreiro, Ana R.; Catry, Paulo; Catry, Teresa; Cecere, Jacopo G.; Ceia, Filipe R.; Cherel, Yves and Choi, Chang-Yong; Cianchetti-Benedetti, Marco; Clarke, Rohan H. and Cleeland, Jaimie B.; Colodro, Valentina; Congdon, Bradley C. and Danielsen, Johannis; De Pascalis, Federico; Deakin, Zoe and Dehnhard, Nina; Dell'Omo, Giacomo; Delord, Karine; Descamps, Sebastien; Dilley, Ben J.; Dinis, Herculano A.; Dubos, Jerome and Dunphy, Brendon J.; Emmerson, Louise M.; Fagundes, Ana Isabel and Fayet, Annette L.; Felis, Jonathan J.; Fischer, Johannes H. and Freeman, Amanda N. D.; Fromant, Aymeric; Gaibani, Giorgia and Garcia, David; Gjerdrum, Carina; Gomes, Ivandra Soeli Goncalves Correia; Forero, Manuela G.; Granadeiro, Jose P.; Grecian, W. James; Gremillet, David; Guilford, Tim; Hallgrimsson, Gunnar Thor; Halpin, Luke R.; Hansen, Erpur Snaer; Hedd, April and Helberg, Morten; Helgason, Halfdan H.; Henry, Leeann M. and Hereward, Hannah F. R.; Hernandez-Montero, Marcos; Hindell, Mark A.; Hodum, Peter J.; Imperio, Simona; Jaeger, Audrey and Jessopp, Mark; Jodice, Patrick G. R.; Jones, Carl G.; Jones, Christopher W.; Jonsson, Jon Einar; Kane, Adam; Kapelj, Sven and Kim, Yuna; Kirk, Holly; Kolbeinsson, Yann; Kraemer, Philipp L.; Krueger, Lucas; Lago, Paulo; Landers, Todd J.; Lavers, Jennifer L.; Le Corre, Matthieu; Leal, Andreia; Louzao, Maite and Madeiros, Jeremy; Magalhaes, Maria; Mallory, Mark L. and Masello, Juan F.; Massa, Bruno; Matsumoto, Sakiko; McDuie, Fiona; McFarlane Tranquilla, Laura; Medrano, Fernando; Metzger, Benjamin J.; Militao, Teresa; Montevecchi, William A.; Montone, Rosalinda C.; Navarro-Herrero, Leia; Neves, Veronica C. and Nicholls, David G.; Nicoll, Malcolm A. C.; Norris, Ken; Oppel, Steffen; Oro, Daniel; Owen, Ellie; Padget, Oliver; Paiva, Vitor H.; Pala, David; Pereira, Jorge M.; Peron, Clara and Petry, Maria V.; de Pina, Admilton; Pina, Ariete T. Moreira and Pinet, Patrick; Pistorius, Pierre A.; Pollet, Ingrid L. and Porter, Benjamin J.; Poupart, Timothee A.; Powell, Christopher D. L.; Proano, Carolina B.; Pujol-Casado, Julia; Quillfeldt, Petra and Quinn, John L.; Raine, Andre F.; Raine, Helen; Ramirez, Ivan; Ramos, Jaime A.; Ramos, Rauel; Ravache, Andreas and Rayner, Matt J.; Reid, Timothy A.; Robertson, Gregory J. and Rocamora, Gerard J.; Rollinson, Dominic P.; Ronconi, Robert A. and Rotger, Andreu; Rubolini, Diego; Ruhomaun, Kevin; Ruiz, Asuncion; Russell, James C.; Ryan, Peter G.; Saldanha, Sarah and Sanz-Aguilar, Ana; Sarda-Serra, Mariona; Satge, Yvan G. and Sato, Katsufumi; Schaefer, Wiebke C.; Schoombie, Stefan and Shaffer, Scott A.; Shah, Nirmal; Shoji, Akiko; Shutler, Dave and Sigurosson, Ingvar A.; Silva, Monica C.; Small, Alison E. and Soldatini, Cecilia; Strom, Hallvard; Surman, Christopher A. and Takahashi, Akinori; Tatayah, Vikash R. V.; Taylor, Graeme A. and Thomas, Robert J.; Thompson, David R.; Thompson, Paul M. and Thorarinsson, Thorkell L.; Vicente-Sastre, Diego; Vidal, Eric and Wakefield, Ewan D.; Waugh, Susan M.; Weimerskirch, Henri and Wittmer, Heiko U.; Yamamoto, Takashi; Yoda, Ken; Zavalaga, Carlos B.; Zino, Francis J.; Dias, Maria P.
Abstract: Plastic pollution is distributed patchily around the world's oceans. Likewise, marine organisms that are vulnerable to plastic ingestion or entanglement have uneven distributions. Understanding where wildlife encounters plastic is crucial for targeting research and mitigation. Oceanic seabirds, particularly petrels, frequently ingest plastic, are highly threatened, and cover vast distances during foraging and migration. However, the spatial overlap between petrels and plastics is poorly understood. Here we combine marine plastic density estimates with individual movement data for 7137 birds of 77 petrel species to estimate relative exposure risk. We identify high exposure risk areas in the Mediterranean and Black seas, and the northeast Pacific, northwest Pacific, South Atlantic and southwest Indian oceans. Plastic exposure risk varies greatly among species and populations, and between breeding and non-breeding seasons. Exposure risk is disproportionately high for Threatened species. Outside the Mediterranean and Black seas, exposure risk is highest in the high seas and Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) of the USA, Japan, and the UK. Birds generally had higher plastic exposure risk outside the EEZ of the country where they breed. We identify conservation and research priorities, and highlight that international collaboration is key to addressing the impacts of marine plastic on wide-ranging species. Petrels are wide-ranging, highly threatened seabirds that often ingest plastic. This study used tracking data for 7,137 petrels of 77 species to map global exposure risk and compare regions, species, and populations. The results show higher exposure risk for threatened species and stress the need for international cooperation to tackle marine litter.
Issue Date: 2023
Type: Article
DOI: 10.1038/s41467-023-38900-z
E-ISSN: 2041-1723
Funder: Cambridge Conservation Initiative's Collaborative Fund
Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation
Natural Environment Research Council C-CLEAR doctoral training programme [NE/S007164/1]
Appears in Publication types:Artículos científicos

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