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dc.contributor.authorCurtin, Richard
dc.identifier.citationAPPLIED ENERGY, 2011, 88, 3773-3781
dc.description.abstractIn this paper an energy balance and a greenhouse gas profile has been formulated for the county of Wexford, situated in the south east of Ireland. The energy balance aims to aggregate all energy consumption in the county for the year 2006 across the following sectors; residential, agriculture, commerce and industry, and transport. The results of the energy balance are compared with the previous energy balance of 2001 where it is found that the residential sector is the biggest emitter of CO(2) with 38\% of total emissions with the transport and industry/commerce sectors sharing second place on 28\%. Consumption of oil is seen to have increased significantly in nearly all sectors, accounting for over 70\% of the total final energy consumed (TFC) while the total primary energy requirement (TPER) sees oil consumption accounting for 91\% of all fuels consumed. To take into account the contribution of agriculture in total GHG emissions the gases CH(4) and N(2)O will be estimated from the agricultural and waste sectors. The results show that methane contributes 25\% of total GHG emissions with agriculture being the primary contributor accounting for 36\% of total emissions. (C) 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
dc.publisherELSEVIER SCI LTD
dc.subjectEnergy balance
dc.subjectTotal final consumption
dc.subjectTotal primary energy requirement
dc.subjectGreenhouse gas emissions
dc.subjectNitrous oxide
dc.titleAn energy balance and greenhouse gas profile for county Wexford, Ireland in 2006
dc.identifier.journalAPPLIED ENERGY
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