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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Towards a framework for fishing route optimization decision support systems: Review of the state-of-the-art and challengesGranado, Igor; Hernando, Leticia; Galparsoro, Ibon; Gabina, Gorka; Groba, Carlos; Prellezo, Raul; Fernandes, Jose A.
2021Bright spots as climate-smart marine spatial planning tools for conservation and blue growthQueiros, Ana M.; Talbot, Elizabeth; Beaumont, Nicola J. and Somerfield, Paul J.; Kay, Susan; Pascoe, Christine; Dedman, Simon; Fernandes, Jose A.; Jueterbock, Alexander; Miller, Peter I.; Sailley, Sevrine F.; Sara, Ginaluca; Carr, Liam M. and Austen, Melanie C.; Widdicombe, Steve; Rilov, Gil; Levin, Lisa A.; Hull, Stephen C.; Walmsley, Suzannah F.; Nic Aonghusa, Caitriona
2021Disentangling diverse responses to climate change among global marine ecosystem modelsHeneghan, Ryan F.; Galbraith, Eric; Blanchard, Julia L. and Harrison, Cheryl; Barrier, Nicolas; Bulman, Catherine; Cheung, William; Coll, Marta; Eddy, Tyler D.; Erauskin-Extramiana, Maite; Everett, Jason D.; Fernandes, Jose A.; Gascuel, Didier; Guiet, Jerome; Maury, Olivier; Palacios-Abrantes, Juliano; Petrik, Colleen M.; du Pontavice, Hubert; Richardson, Anthony J.; Steenbeek, Jeroen; Tai, Travis C.; Volkholz, Jan and Woodworth-Jefcoats, Phoebe A.; Tittensor, Derek P.
2021Next-generation ensemble projections reveal higher climate risks for marine ecosystemsTittensor, Derek P.; Novaglio, Camilla; Harrison, Cheryl S. and Heneghan, Ryan F.; Barrier, Nicolas; Bianchi, Daniele; Bopp, Laurent; Bryndum-Buchholz, Andrea; Britten, Gregory L. and Buchner, Matthias; Cheung, William W. L.; Christensen, Villy and Coll, Marta; Dunne, John P.; Eddy, Tyler D.; Everett, Jason D.; Fernandes, Jose A.; Fulton, Elizabeth A.; Galbraith, Eric D.; Gascuel, Didier; Guiet, Jerome; John, Jasmin G. and Link, Jason S.; Lotze, Heike K.; Maury, Olivier and Ortega-Cisneros, Kelly; Palacios-Abrantes, Juliano; Petrik, Colleen M.; du Pontavice, Hubert; Rault, Jonathan; Richardson, Anthony J.; Shannon, Lynne; Shin, Yunne-Jai; Steenbeek, Jeroen and Stock, Charles A.; Blanchard, Julia L.
2020Changes of potential catches for North-East Atlantic small pelagic fisheries under climate change scenariosFernandes, Jose A.; Froelicher, Thomas L.; Rutterford, Louise A.; Erauskin-Extramiana, Maite; Cheung, William W. L.
2022Ecological risk assessment of a pelagic seabird species in artisanal tuna fisheriesGarcia-Baron, Isabel; Granado, Igor; Astarloa, Amaia; Boyra, Guillermo; Rubio, Anna; Fernandes, Jose A.; Zarauz, Lucia; Onandia, Inigo; Mugerza, Estanis; Louzao, Maite; Scales, Kylie
2020Effects of climate change and management policies on marine fisheries productivity in the north-east coast of IndiaDas, Isha; Lauria, Valentina; Kay, Susan; Cazcarro, Ignacio and Arto, Inaki; Fernandes, Jose A.; Hazra, Sugata
2020Can we project changes in fish abundance and distribution in response to climate?Fernandes, Jose A.; Rutterford, Louise; Simpson, Stephen D. and Butenschon, Momme; Frolicher, Thomas L.; Yool, Andrew; Cheung, William W. L.; Grant, Alastair
2012Improving semiautomated zooplankton classification using an internal control and different imaging devicesBachiller, Eneko; Fernandes, Jose A.; Irigoien, Xabier
2021Current Status of Forecasting Toxic Harmful Algae for the North-East Atlantic Shellfish Aquaculture IndustryFernandes, Jose A.; Davidson, Keith; Sourisseau, Marc; Revilla, Marta; Schmidt, Wiebke; Clarke, Dave; Miller, Peter I.; Arce, Paola; Fernandez, Raul; Maman, Luz; Silva, Alexandra and Whyte, Callum; Mateo, Maria; Neira, Patricia; Mateus, Marcos; Ruiz-Villarreal, Manuel; Ferrer, Luis; Silke, Joe