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Title: Metals concentrations in transitional and coastal waters by ICPMS and voltammetry analysis of spot samples and passive samplers (DGT)
Authors: Caetano, Miguel; Santos, Margarida M. Correia dos; Rosa, Nuno; Carvalho, Ines; Rodriguez, Jose German; Belzunce, Maria Jesus; Menchaca, Iratxe; Larreta, Joana; Sanz, Marta Rodrigo; Millan-Gabet, Vanessa; Gonzalez, Jean-Louis; Amouroux, Isabelle; Guesdon, Stephane; Menet-Nedelec, Florence; White, Blanaid; Regan, Fiona; Nolan, Martin; McHugh, Brendan; Bersuder, Philippe; Bolam, Thi; Robinson, Craig D.; Fones, Gary R.; Zhang, Hao; Schintu, Marco; Montero, Natalia; Marras, Barbara
Abstract: This study investigates the relationships among Ni, Cd and Pb's different chemical forms determined by different methodologies in coastal and transitional waters across a broad geographical scale. Concentrations were measured in spot samples and through passive sampling (DGT). High variability of metal concentrations was found among sampling sites and methodologies due to natural water fluctuations rather than to a given metal or method. Total dissolved metal concentrations in spot samples were lower than the EQS-WFD values. The labile fractions of Cd and Pb, measured in spot samples by Anodic Stripping Voltammetry and by DGT-ICPMS, were highly correlated. Similar labilities were found for Cd, while for Pb, the ASV labile fraction was asymptotic to 50\% lower. These results reflect the pool of mobile and labile species available towards each technique kinetic window, and they seem not to be affected by discrete sampling flaws.
Keywords: Priority metals; Broad geographical scale; European coastal and transitional waters; DGT; Voltammetry; DISSOLVED TRACE-METALS; SPECIATION ANALYSIS; SURFACE WATERS; NATURAL-WATERS; MARINE WATERS; FULVIC-ACID; CU; CD; NI; PB
Issue Date: 2022
Type: Article
DOI: 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2022.113715
ISSN: 0025-326X
E-ISSN: 1879-3363
Funder: Interreg Atlantic Area Trans-national Cooperation Programme [UIDB/00100/2020, UIDP/00100/2020, UID/QUI/00100/2019]
MONITOOL project - Interreg Atlantic Area Transnational Cooperation Programme
Agencia Portuguesa do Ambiente (Portugal)
URA Agencia Vasca del Agua (Spain)
Consejo Insular de Aguas de Gran Canaria (Spain)
Viceconsejeria Medioambiente del Gobierno de Canarias (Spain)
Agence Francaise pour la Biodiversite (France)
Foras na Mara-Marine Environment and Food Safety Services (Ireland)
Environmental Protection Agency (Ireland)
Scottish Government-Marine Scotland (United Kingdom)
Scottish Environment Protection Agency (United Kingdom)
CQE-IST [UIDB/00100/2020, UIDP/00100/2020, UID/QUI/00100/2019]
Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia [UID/QUI/00100/2019] Funding Source: FCT
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